You are on the Toy Choo Choo. Welcome aboard!

Our Toy Story

So just how did the Toy Choo Choo start rolling?

Toy Choo Choo is our family business and is run by us - the family. The family includes avid toy collector parents: the dad (me) - Star Wars, Hot Wheels and sports memorabilia aficionado; the mom (my wife) - collectible Barbies, Roblox, figurines and Hallmark ornaments fanatic; and our two little ones who have become avid toy collectors in their own right. Our little girl shares her mom's love of collectible Barbies, but also collects mini figures, POP! figures, and exclusive dolls. Our little boy, the youngest, collects Thomas MINIS, Hot Wheels, Imaginext and rare action figures among a host of other collectible toys he discovers from day to day.

Back in the 90's, before we were parents, we got our first taste of selling toys during the Pokémon craze. After that, we went on to our respective careers and selling toys was just our hobby. After our kids were born we wanted to spend more time together as a family and it seemed like our best times together were when we hunted for the collectibles we loved. We would find duplicates of hard to find items we had already, often passing on them. So why not try to sell them and buy more of the collectibles we were after?

Selling toys quickly became much more than a hobby. We became top rated eBay power sellers and grew fast mainly due to our family passion for the toy business. We went on to sell on other marketplaces and now we run the Toy Choo Choo, which has been our end game all along.

Our family mission is to make kids and adults HAPPY with the toys we offer and make a little extra to help keep our personal collections growing.

Thank you for your support and welcome aboard the Toy Choo Choo!