Spin Master’s Monster Jam Series 29 Release: Toy Trucks that Take Fun to New Heights

With such a strong lineup, the Series 29 is set to make a monstrous splash in the toy scene.

Spin Master®, a leader in children’s entertainment, has unveiled their latest Monster Jam® Series 29 release. It features 1:64 scale toy monster trucks, each bursting with unique design and personality. Fans have eagerly awaited this line-up, and we’re here to detail each of the nine models.

Black El Toro Loco – The black Legacy Truck is a repeat, but this bull isn’t any less fierce. The flame detailing on the truck’s body paired with black BKT® tires, orange rims, a silver roll cage, and a black chassis make it a sight to behold. The raging bull might be a familiar face, but it never fails to impress.

Monster Mutt Dalmatian – The Rough Crowd edition is doggone exciting. The white roll cage, red chassis, and ears in motion give it an undeniable charm. Black BKT tires with white rims ensure it’s ready to navigate even the roughest terrains.

Mohawk Warrior – The Great Clips Legacy Truck edition, another repeat, sports a silver cage, black chassis, purple rims, and black BKT tires. The mohawk gives this warrior a rebellious edge, making it a favorite among the young and young at heart.

Grave Digger – The Arena Favorites Green Ghost edition has a green roll cage, green rims, and black chassis. Its BKT black tires make it a formidable force. The legend of Monster Jam returns in an eerie glow, ready to haunt the competition.

Soldier Fortune – The Steel Reveal edition gives a nod to its military-inspired theme with a steel body featuring scratch details. The army green roll cage, gray chassis, yellowish-green rims, and black BKT tires contribute to its overall robust and resilient look.

Megalodon – The Phased Out edition has a unique design that mimics glitchy graphics. With three black tires and one blue tire, a blue roll cage, and a white rim and three blue rims, this truck’s edgy design is perfect for those who love the unexpected.

Axe – An Arena Favorite, the Team Scream Axe truck was highly requested, and it’s easy to see why. The silver roll cage and chassis, black BKT tires, red rims, and the attention-grabbing axe graphic make this truck a real standout. Its firefighter mask and caution tape details add an extra layer of excitement.

Lucas Stabilizer – Another Arena Favorite, extremely sought after by the MJ community, this truck is a faithful recreation of its 2022 real-life counterpart. With black BKT tires, red rims, a patriotic red, white, and blue paint job, and a gray chassis, the Lucas Stabilizer is poised to win hearts. The smoke stacks, perfect front grill, and air filters add details that make it an absolute must-have.

Glaze Machine – This is the 2nd Chase Monster Feast edition, following the debut of Swine and Dash. A foodie’s dream, it comes with a blue roll cage, gray chassis, and beige donut tire with pink icing graphics. The body is decorated with tempting donuts, and one side reveals a donut menu, making it a delightful addition to any toy collection.

All in all, the Monster Jam Series 29 release by Spin Master maintains its reputation for attention to detail and unbridled fun. These trucks are sure to impress, whether you’re a Monster Jam enthusiast, a young fan looking for new play adventures, or a collector searching for the next piece to showcase. Each truck packs a punch in design, character, and appeal, offering a diverse range to cater to different preferences. With such a strong lineup, the Series 29 is set to make a monstrous splash in the toy scene.

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