Hasbro Unleashes a New Wave of Star Wars Black Series Action Figures from Disney Plus’ Andor

Star Wars Andor Black Series 6 inch action figures for play or display, transport to a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars® and action figure enthusiasts brace yourselves! Hasbro® recently unveiled their latest lineup of Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch action figures inspired by characters from the highly acclaimed Disney® Plus’ television series, Andor. Known for their extraordinary attention to detail, these action figures capture the essence of each character, thanks to impeccable sculpting and paint applications.

The series’ lead, Cassian Andor, comes to life with remarkable authenticity. The intricate details, from his carefully sculpted hair and facial features to the folds and creases in his coat and boots, bring forth a tangible sense of realism that will make any collector’s heart race. Additionally, Hasbro has released a bonus Black Series figure featuring Cassian in his Aldhani Mission uniform, the attire he wore during the unforgettable Empire Base heist.

The mysterious Luthen Rael figure also impresses with his expressive face, long trench, and intricate details that lend a sense of depth and intrigue to the character. From his cloak’s textured folds to his meticulously carved facial features, this figure embodies the allure of the beloved Star Wars universe.

Hasbro doesn’t hold back in representing the women of Andor either. Vel Sartha, the niece of Senator Mon Mothma, and the Senator herself, are beautifully rendered in miniature form. The Vel Sartha figure captures the essence of her character with detailed facial features and her signature brown bomber jacket and boots. In contrast, Senator Mothma‘s figure boasts of her elegant cream dress robes, along with her recognizable hair and facial details, crafted with precision.

Rounding out the female characters is the versatile Bix Caleen action figure, which excels in replicating the character’s unique features and accessories, ensuring it’s a must-have for any Black Series collector.

As an added bonus, this release features a double figure pack featuring Cassian Andor and the distinctive droid B2EMO. It’s a definite delight for fans who want to complete their Andor ensemble.

Even the Shoretrooper, a seemingly no-name support character from the Andor series, gets the Black Series treatment, showcasing Hasbro’s commitment to providing fans with a comprehensive collection.

The only question that remains: will Hasbro release figures for Kino Loy, Dedra Meero, Syril Karn or Maarva Andor? While the current release doesn’t include these characters, we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope. After all, the Star Wars universe seems infinite, and the possibilities for more incredibly detailed action figures are just as boundless.

Hasbro’s new Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch Andor action figures are a dream come true for Star Wars collectors. Their remarkable attention to detail, true-to-character sculpting, and high-quality materials offer fans a chance to hold a piece of the Star Wars universe right in their hands. Whether for play or display, these action figures promise to transport fans to a galaxy far, far away.

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